we all have a reason to celebrate as 2018 comes to a closE


We all have many things to be thankful for and to celebrate as 2018 comes to a close. Here at Wingman nation we are truly thankful for how God has used this ministry in the lives of so many men! We are joy filled as we approach 2019 and celebrating all the opportunities on the horizon that have been made possible buy your amazing generosity of time, resources & the willingness to serve! WELL DONE MEN! Keep striving to be the “man God created you to be”

Message from Pastor Jay

There is a great sense of anticipation as Wingman Nation looks toward 2019! So much has already been accomplished through the resources we are developing to the hundreds of churches we are contacting. To have our first DVD Bible Study being used, along with the leader’s guide and workbook, is a great accomplishment. Now, we are preparing to film, beginning in January, our second Bible Study called: “Other Brothers”—Why Guys Need Guys. As I shared the first chapter with the Wingman Nation men at Church at the Mall, the response was immediate and encouraging. Taking specific male friendships in the Bible, we look at how men can build authentic friendships with other men. There are very few Bible studies for men addressing this issue, so I believe we are addressing a huge need among Christian men.

 As we look into the near future, in addition to completing our second Bible study, we are also working on resources for our third Bible Study on R.E.S.P.E.C.T.ing Women, a practical study on how any Christian man should treat his wife, mother, sister, daughter or any woman. Further I am developing a new devotional with Volume I and Volume II on Jesus and Masculinity showing how Jesus demonstrated manhood. Volume I should be available by mid-February. Further a 365 Wingman Daily Devotional is the big project we hope to have completed in 2019 as well as a Bible study on “The Moses Habits”—The 31 Habits of Moses.

 We have contacted many churches and are listening to their needs. Many pastors are looking for an event first before they begin a men’s ministry. At Wingman Nation, we are praying through what adding an event that would gather men and encourage them to begin a Wingman Nation Men’s Ministry.

 We are in the middle of talking with Joy FM about doing 30 second spots that are humorous and then invites people to check out Wingman Nation. This would give us instant name recognition and help us get into many more churches and ultimately into the lives of men. This is not an inexpensive endeavor, but one we feel strongly will help us among the churches. If you feel led to help us sponsor radio spots please click here

 In 2019 we will be making Wingman Nation Men’s Ministry leadership training videos. This makes it easier for our Wingman Nation Chapters to get online and see how each leadership position is addressed. These videos will help train up the next generation of leaders to equip the men in our culture!

 As 2018 winds down, it’s a great time to think about your giving. How have you done with that this year? I would love for your to consider becoming a financial partner with our ministry. We are passionate about helping men be better husbands; better dads and more godly and Christ-like men. Please pray for us, pray for the churches of Wingman Nation, and consider helping us specifically with our Joy FM opportunity.

With us contacting (863.510.5760) churches we have discovered a great deal. Pastors are looking for specific help with rallying men. Most pastors are so overwhelmed with busyness, the very thing that should be a priority (men’s ministry), often gets pushed out by other pressing ministry matters. Asking pastors to begin a Wingman Nation Chapter is a lot for them to consider in one contact on the phone. What we hope to do through our second Bible Study, Other Brothers—Why Guys Need Guys, is to give pastors and churches an opportunity to have a gathering time whether it be a Friday night and Saturday morning, only a Friday night or only a Saturday morning (days can change). Getting the men together for a rally allows Wingman Nation to encourage the men to begin a Wingman Nation Chapter in their church.

 Now we will have a specific process in place to help a pastor by coming in for one or two days, getting the men excited, addressing the number one issue among Christian men (loneliness), giving them the tools to help them find their other brother(s), and then encouraging and empowering them to begin a consistent men’s ministry. One of the practical applications for every week of the 6-Week Study on “Other Brothers,” is using concentric circles for a Christian man to discover the most likely men in his life to become his other brother(s).

 Thank you for loving and supporting Wingman Nation! 2019 will be our best year ever!

 Many Blessings,

 Pastor Jay

P.S. In our next newsletter I will give an update on our campaign to add new Wingman Nation chapters

P.S.S. Welcome to Wingman Nation Ambassadors Randy Kennedy and Kermit Dunn

Wingman AMBASSADOR program

OVERVIEW // One of our co-founders Randy Ferreira had the vision of implementing Regional / Area Wingman Ambassadors to assist in spreading the testimonies of the impact Wingman is making! These Men will be teaching out to and meeting with area pastors & church leaders to educate them on the Wingman program & how we can help the men of their churches! We are beyond excited to welcome the addition of two men to our team who who head up the launch of this exciting expansion opportunity. Please join me in welcoming Kermit Dunn & Pastor Randy Kennedy to the team.

kermit pic.jpg

We NEED to start off telling you about Kermit Dunn with a single statement. This is a statement that often said in the offices of Wingman Nation. It’s a simple, powerful & true statement…….. “Every Wingman Branch Needs a Kermit”

We often say this when discussing lay leaders or men diligently leading the charge and fight for Men in the local church! Kermit has been an amazing example of a Servant Leader, who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done! Kermit is serving as the Men’s Leader of the Wingman Branch at FBC New Port Richey under Pastor Jay Huddleston. Together these men have re-launched a thriving men’s ministry and it has been an honor to walk along side of them in the process & witness the transformation of Men!

Kermit Quick Facts:

Serves as a Guardian Ad Litem(GAL) (Child Advocate) for the 6th Judicial District in New Port Richey, Fla.

Kermit was born into a Christian Home in February 16, 1946. A High School Graduate in 1964 from Gulf High School, New Port Richey.

Air Force veteran (1964-1968). Served a 15 month tour in South Vietnam/Thailand.

Attended Santa Monica CC and Long Beach State in Engineering/Construction Management.

Retired in 2009 from a 30 + year career in Construction Management/Engineering.

Married to Karen and has 3 Daughters (Ginger) (Sheila) (Nicole). Five Grandsons.

Dr. Randy Kennedy is both an inspirational and motivational speaker. Dr. Kennedy attended Columbia Bible College and received his Masters and Doctorate degrees from Covington Theological Seminary. He has been the senior pastor of four churches in the state of Georgia. Ministering in hundreds of churches throughout the state of Georgia has given him insight into the needs of the Body of Christ.

Randy Currently serves as Senior Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Buford, GA (NE of Atlanta) in addition to serving as the Sunbelt Senior Pro Golf Tour- Chaplain and Player 2007-Current. He has also served as a chaplain for the NBA Atlanta Hawks– Chaplain 1993-2003 & AFL Georgia Force Arena Football League- Chaplain 2002-2013.

Randy joins us in 2019 as a Wingman Ambassador in his home state of Georgia & with him as he travels. We are beyond excited to have Randy on board and look forward to seeing how God uses him as we continue down the path of Gods calling of Men’s Ministry!

Wingman video series

The Wingman Intro Series is a 6 week DVD based bible study to equip MEN to be Better Husbands, Better Fathers, and More Christ-Like Examples. The 6 week study is a dissection of the verse 1 Corinthians 16:13-14. Each DVD Kit comes with (6) DVD discs, (1) Leaders Guide & (1) Workbook.

We are excited to share more with you about our next 2 series “Other Brothers” & “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.ing Women”