Does your church have a Men’s Ministry? Less than 10% of churches in America have a men’s ministry. Our nationwide men’s ministry, Wingman Nation, is a weekly gathering of men who study the Bible, worship, eat together, have small accountability groups and encourage relationships among brothers in Christ. Wingman Nation provides a template that can be used in any size church and any size staff. It is our heart to help churches establish momentum with their men and a model that is proven to work with a church of any size and denomination.

We would like to discuss with you about the plans you have to equip your men and how we can help. 


We have researched around the Starke area and have vetted many churches in this process. Through this, we have discovered that FBC Starke would be a great fit and partner for us. We would love to help you launch a Wingman branch in your church! 


In fact, right now and until the end of the year, we are running our First 50 campaign. The first fifty new branches to sign up for a membership, will receive:


·     A FREE first year membership ($99 value).

·     A FREE first week DVD of our Intro Bible Study Series. 

·     ALL ACCESS to full member benefits. 


If you have any more questions about our ministry or how we can help you moving forward, please feel free to contact me personally at Our Director of National Development is also available at or (863)-510-5760


We look forward to connecting with you!