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devotional: day 9

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In Chapter Ten of the book of Hebrews, the writer gives truths of great hope and an encouragement to persevere during times of difficulty. We discover in this chapter that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is enough to pay for the sin of the world, to pay for your sin. I love the idea of, “Jesus Is Enough.”

In verse 23, we have these motiving words: “Hold fast,” which means “to not let go, to never let go regardless.” Our hope is found in only one place, and that is in Jesus. Our confession is, “Jesus is Who He says He is, and Jesus will do what He says He will do. Park here!

“Hope” is the expectation that something better, something good is coming. It is the belief that when we involve Jesus Christ, good always comes. “Without wavering” implies that there will be times when it is tough to hang onto hope, but we must continue. We must never give up. The reason you can hang onto hope is found in the last part of the verse: “for He who promised is faithful.”  When Jesus is the one making the promise, it will never fail. Our Savior is the Never-Failing Lord.

“Hold fast” means, “To take firm possession of.” Embrace the fact that the Savior you serve overcame the most powerful enemy ever, death, and that there is no situation that is more powerful than Jesus Christ. Our confession of hope is based on the fact that Jesus died on Friday and rose again on Sunday. His resurrection turns hopeless situations into choirs of praise.

Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ. People, even those with the best of intentions, will let you down. There are times they will disappoint you. However, Jesus Christ will never disappoint you. He will never let you go.

Daily Do It

Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On one side of the paper, write the names of those who have disappointed you. On the other side of the paper, write the name Jesus.

Be specific about how you were disappointed by each person? Now look at the name of Jesus. Ask yourself, “Has Jesus ever disappointed me?” “Has Jesus ever let me down?” “Has Jesus ever not done something He told me He would do?” Today, get your eyes off those who have disappointed you and let you down, and focus on Jesus Christ. He is faithful to keep his promises

Quote of the Day

“My future is as bright as the promises of God.”

— Adoniram Judson, Missionary