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devotional: day 31

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Today is the last day of our Wingman 31 Day Experiment.


In this verse God hands Joshua the key to success. As Joshua, who succeeded Moses as the leader of God’s people, had the task of crossing the Jordan River during the flood stage and leading the people to the land of promise, Canaan. It was as if God gave Joshua a pep talk, reminding him He would be with him every step of the way. In Joshua 1:8, God gives Joshua the prescription for success. The word “prosperous” means “to make progress.” God wants you to make progress.

There are four specific conditions for success God gave Joshua, which apply to you as well:


1.  Settle the Bible as God’s authority for what you believe and how you act. Have you settled this issue personally?


2.  Open God’s Word. Let it become part of your life, so much so, that when you speak, it is evident God’s Word has influenced you. Talk about it. Never be ashamed of it. Include it in your conversations.


3.  Consistently think about what God’s Word Says. Let it filter your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.


4.  Obey God’s Word immediately and entirely. Obedience always brings the blessing of God.


Are you willing to do these four things? If not, you will not live in God’s kind of success; if you are, you will live God’s definition of success.

Joshua did cross the Jordan River, and he did go into the Land of Canaan; and God kept His Word—He always does!

Daily Do It

Today, I want you to take your Bible and hold it in your hands. Grip it tightly. Then I want you to make this confession to God: “My Lord and My God, I take Your Infallible Word, the Bible, and I make this confession to You today and every day of my life on Earth. I accept Your Word as the authority for my life, that what You say is what I must do; that what You command, I must obey; that what you think, I must think; and the way You say I must live is the way I will strive daily to live. I trust You to make me successful as a husband, father, and child of God. In Jesus name, amen.”

Quote of the Day

 “It is a dangerous and misguided policy to measure God’s blessing by standards of visible, tangible, material success”

—Charles Colson