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devotional: day 30

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Chapters 1-8 of the Book of Romans are more theological in nature and chapters 9-16 are more practical and shows how belief affects and even determines behavior. When your belief is right, your lifestyle reflects it.

Romans 12:2 is one of the great Scriptures in all the Bible. It helps us know how to apply God’s Word to our lives.

One of the ways to learn Scripture is to take a verse and put it in your own words. I am not suggesting changing Scripture, but paraphrasing it. If I were going to paraphrase Romans 12:2, I would say, “Do not let the world without God mold you into its likeness, acting like the world, speaking like the world, dressing like the world, laughing at what the world laughs at, not taking seriously what God labels sin, and intentionally trying to blend in with the world and remain as inconspicuous as possible about being a Christian.”

 “Conform” means to let the world control your thinking. It’s living according to culture’s standards. “World” means this present age, the culture controlled by Satan. Paul said, instead of being controlled by the culture, begin to control the culture. “Transformed” means to change from the inside out. Let God control the internal and the external is affected. When God changes you, you can begin to change the world.

As a Christian, the difference you make is found in your difference from the world. I am not suggesting being odd, weird or obnoxious; I am suggesting a life that is markedly different from the world, which leaves out God and laughs at His Word. Instead of being like the world, you, as a believer, are called to continually be like Jesus Christ; and that begins in your thought life.

Paul says the believer is to renew his mind. The mind is the control center of your feelings, actions, words and attitudes. What you think about the most you will eventually act on. Your thought life is influenced by what you allow your eyes to be exposed to. Open God’s Word and think about what it says and how you can apply it to your life. It means intentionally aligning your thinking with God’s thinking, surrendering to what He says even before you know what He says. One of the best ways of renewing your mind is through meditation—taking a passage of Scripture and going over it again and again in your mind until it becomes part of you.

When you allow God’s Word to renew your mind, to control your mind, God reveals His will to you. When you have God’s will, you have something that is…

“Good” has the idea of being excellent and joyful. “Acceptable” means God applauds it. “Perfect” means full of integrity and virtue. Doing God’s will always ends well.

Daily Do It

Today think about this statement: “Stop the thought!” It a statement a seminary professor of mine made whenever a sinful thought crossed his mind. Saying it out loud interrupts the sinful thought. A fellow author and I developed an acrostic for S.T.O.P. It is S--Sinful thoughts confessed immediately. T—Think on these things. Meditate on Scripture. O-Order every sinful thought and place it under Jesus’ authority. P-Pursue Christ-mindedness. Seek daily to have the mind of Christ—to think as Jesus would, consistently about the things of God. So, today when a sinful thought hits your mind, S.T.O.P. the thought!

Quote of the Day

“God formed us. Sin deformed us. Jesus can transform us.”

– Anonymous