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devotional: day 29

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Paul shares with us an unchangeable law—the law of sowing and reaping. This law always works and is always true, regardless of circumstances, whether a person believes or does not believe it and despite what people think or say to the contrary.

The seed represents everything you do and everything you say. Sowing is your activity, your actions. Reaping is something God does because of something you have done.

Paul reminds us that “God is not mocked.” No one can fool God. Mocking God is leaving Him out, ignoring or neglecting Him.

You cannot break God’s laws and expect to get by with it or escape the consequences. You cannot live out of God’s will and expect God to ignore it. However, when you obey God and follow His will, you can fully expect God to bless it, to reward it.

“Whatever a man sows” indicates that God encourages you to make the first move. You must sow something before you can reap something.

Notice, “whatever [you] sow, [you] will reap.” Whatever you give; will be given back. “Whatever” includes money, time, kindness, love, good deeds, anything. You will get back WHAT you give in kind. If you sow un-forgiveness, hate, unkindness, rudeness, stinginess, that is what you will get back. You choose what you reap, by choosing what you sow.

The law of the harvest means: You will reap exactly the same kind of thing that you have sown. You reap more than you sow. It multiplies—the more you sow, the more you will reap. Once you have sown, give it time. It takes time for us to see fruit or results once we have sown something. “Due season” is a specific time of blessing that will come. God promises. Just don’t give up!

Daily Do It

Today let’s apply the law of Sowing and Reaping to 5 specific areas:


1.     Financially—If you sow at least a tithe, you will reap God’s promised blessing. The minimum basis of obedient giving is the tithe, which is 10 percent of what you make. God will do more with the 90 percent left over than the 100 percent you might keep.


2.     Spiritually—If you sow time in God’s Word, sharing Christ, worship, and prayer, you will reap spiritual growth and God’s blessings.


3.     Relationally—If you sow time with people and invest your life in them, you will reap blessings in those relationships.


4.     Morally—If you sow a moral and pure life, you will reap experiencing God along with physical and emotional blessings.


5.     Physically—If you sow taking care of your body, you will reap the rewards of health.

Quote of the Day

“What I spent I had; what I saved I lost; what I gave, I have.”

—On an Old Gravestone