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devotional: day 26

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This is my life verse. I want you to think about the implications of what this Scripture is teaching. Notice that the Lord Himself is constantly looking, observing, watching for something or someone specifically. God is scanning, He is moving, He is active in every part of the Earth and is on the lookout for a particular person. I love that our God is personal, knowable, touchable and involved. He desires to bless and to show His favor on us. Now, God is not just looking for anyone, He is looking for someone in particular. Notice when He finds that person the promise is He will strongly support him. That means He will encourage him, support him, make him strong and even repair what is broken in him. This means “God will intervene,” He will show up, He will help you, He will reveal Himself to you.

The person God is looking for is someone who with his mind, feelings and will is passionately following Him. This person must be “completely His.” That means with every part of him, with every aspect of his life, with every fiber of his being, he is dedicated to God and doing His will.

When you pursue God with all your mind, heart and will, allowing nothing to detour you from your pursuit, and are willing to pay the price to know and serve God, you will get God’s attention. Imagine that! With approximately 7.4 billion people on planet Earth, you can get God’s attention. God always notices the man who is sold out to Him and will do His will no matter what, no matter when and no matter where.

How badly do you want to see God do something in your life? What are you willing to do to see God work in your life? Are you at the point where you are desperate to experience Him?

Daily Do It

Today, think about the eight characteristics of the kind of heart God is looking for. Strive daily for these:


1.     A Broken Heart- a heart that wants what God wants and crucifies what you want.


2.     A Faith-Filled Heart - a heart that believes what God says, regardless of circumstances or feelings.


3.     A Humble Heart - a heart void of pride and arrogance.


4.     A Surrendered Heart - a heart that is totally, unreservedly, submitted to God and His will. “When the will of God crosses the will of man, somebody has to die” (Addison Leitch).


5.     A Pure Heart—a heart that has confessed every known sin and has a passion to seek holiness, not happiness.


6.     A Scripture-Filled Heart—a heart that knows and acts on God’s Word.


7.     A Worshipping Heart—a heart filled with praise for Who God is and what God has done.


8.     A Prayerful Heart—a heart that cries out to God continually.

Quote of the Day

The world has yet to see what would happen if someone, anyone would get thoroughly, totally, committed to God.” D.L. Moody responded with: “I will be that man.”