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devotional: day 23

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Psalm 103 is written by David. In it he breaks out in praise to Almighty God. He lavishes praise to His Lord. “Bless” means “to speak well of.” He is proclaiming His adoration of who God is, his gratefulness for what God has done and how God has worked in his life personally.

First, David acknowledges the Lord. The name “Lord” means “the one true God.” There are many false gods masquerading as God, but our God knows all, can do anything and can be everywhere at once. No other God can do that. No one else is worthy of our praise. David understood the greatness of God and he could not contain his excitement.

“And all that is within me.” Here David is passionately excited about God. You cannot rely on your feelings when it comes to worshipping God, but worshipping God should make you feel something exciting. Are you excited about God, about worshipping Him, reading His Word and doing His will? If not, ask God to fill your heart with excitement about Him. Pray, “God I want to feel excited about You and Your will for my life.”

When David uses the word “soul,” he is speaking not just of the spirit, but of the mind, will and emotions. This involves thinking about ways that express praise to God (mind), choosing to praise God regardless of how you feel or your circumstances (will) and getting passionate about praising Him (emotions).

“And all that is within me” also expresses that true worship is not external—your body being in a certain position; your words or your location (where you go to worship). Worship begins with an attitude of your heart. An attitude of seeking and submitting to God.

Worship is not a feeling; it is a choice. So, regardless of what is happening or how you feel, choose to praise God. He is unchanging. The God Who parted the Red Sea, the God Who spoke the world into creation and knows no impossibilities is the same God whom David praised and whom you can praise.

Zero in on the word “Bless.” It also means “to kneel.” Another way to praise God is through prayer, on bended knees, crying out to Him.

Daily Do It

Today I want you to think back about a time and place where you experienced God in worship. When was it? Where were you? Describe the setting. What were you doing when you felt God’s presence? How did it happen? How did it affect your mind, will and emotions? Pray today that you will experience God in a new and fresh way. Today, ask God to show Himself to you in an obvious way.

Quote of the Day

“God is at work all around you and He invites you to join Him”

—Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God