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devotional: day 22

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Proverbs gives us principles or practical insight on how to live for God in all circumstances. This brings up a good point—there may not be a specific verse that speaks exactly to what you need or don’t need to do; however, God gives principles on how to decide about issues of right and wrong and what is in His will or out of His will. So, if you don’t find a Scripture that matches your specific situation, look for a principle—God’s timeless truths to give you direction.

Proverbs is a book of wisdom for everyday living. In today’s verse, we are told how to find what is truly good and how to be blessed. Let’s first define the words: “Good” means “happy, glad, prosperous and right.” “Blessed” means “happy.” In this verse the writer reveals two keys to living in real happiness:


1.     “He who gives attention to the Word”

The one who seeks to understand, study and gain insight into God’s Word will be blessed. Jesus Himself sais in John 13:17 that doing God’s will brings real happiness. Obeying God brings holiness, and holiness brings happiness. Many seek happiness and never find it; however, seeking holiness leads to happiness.


2.     “He who trusts in the Lord”

This is one who takes God at His Word, knowing He always keeps it—God never goes back on His Word. This is a picture of someone one who clings to God’s Word and refuses to let go.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to live in such a way that neither your circumstances and situations or people dictate your feelings or attitudes? Do you want a life where worry and fear do not control your life? Then do two things: One, get in God’s Word— give “attention to” it. Read it, reflect upon it; pray it back to God; and listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. It is important that you have a game plan. For example, read a a One-Year Bible every day. Two, take what God said, and believe it. Stake your life on it. Celebrate God’s promises. There has never been a scenario in which God did not keep His Word. Look in the rear-view mirror—your past. Has God ever not kept His Word to you? God’s track record in the past gives you great cause to have confidence for your future.

Try to fill in this blank: “I remember a time when God let me down. That time was ____________________.” If you are being totally honest, you will confess there has never been a time God let you down.

Daily Do It

Today I want to challenge you to make a commitment. This commitment will have transforming effects on your life, attitude, relationships and even your emotional and physical health. Determine to read the Bible through, and that you will begin today. Every Christian should read the entire Bible. When you get to Heaven you should be able to say to the Lord, “I read Your Word, every word of it.”

Find a game plan for reading the Bible through in a year and do it!

Quote of the Day

“Faith comes alive when the Word read from the page becomes the Word heard in your heart.”

— Rex Rouis