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devotional: day 2

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Moses was the man God used as the instrument to lead His people out of Egyptian bondage; the one who came down from the mountain of God with a radiant glow and instructed the people in the Laws of God; and the man who led them through the Red Sea.  Moses was gone. Can you imagine being the leader who follows Moses and takes his place? That is what God asked of Joshua. Moses’ resume is enough to make anyone feel inadequate in comparison.


Moses had died. He had not been allowed to cross over into the Promised Land with God’s people as a consequence of his disobedience. That would be under Joshua’s job description.


As Joshua took the mantle of leadership; he no doubt felt inadequate and insecure. Who wouldn’t? Moses was a superstar, and Joshua was just Moses’ helper. The verse today is the Lord reassuring Joshua. There is nothing like a word from God to bring you assurance, peace and joy. The Bible is the go-to source for every issue, insecurity, inadequacy and impossibility you face.


God wants you to succeed; He wants you to win; and you will IF you follow His directions and instructions. Here in today’s verse are God’s instructions to Joshua:


“Be strong and courageous.” It is a choice you make, not a feeling you feel. You act on what God told you to do. The courage and strength come when you obey God. Do not let fear paralyze you. Fear is the result of not fully trusting and obeying God. Continuing to seek God’s perspective will keep you from becoming dismayed or discouraged. Joshua knew that their destination, Canaan, was infested with thousands of powerful enemies. He also knew the people of God would have to cross the Jordan River during a flood stage. Worry gripped this man of God. None of us is immune to worry, or as I like to call it, the “What-If” syndrome. We all battle the “What-If” syndrome, don’t we?


Listen to this wonderful promise: “For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” There is no place you can go inside the will of God, where God will not be with you to help you. There is no situation, circumstance, grief, fear or bad news that will ever cause God to walk away from you and leave you alone. That is what the incarnation is all about. One of Jesus’ names is “Immanuel,” which means, “God With Us!” Hallelujah! You are never alone.

Daily Do It

What has you worried? Is there someone you need to confront, and you are feeling nervous? Is there an issue that you are putting off dealing with because it is too uncomfortable? Is there someone who makes you feel insecure or inadequate? Is there a fear of something that has you paralyzed or discouraged?

Right now, add your name to this promise and listen to the power of these words: ____________(your name), be strong and courageous! ____________ (your name), do not tremble or be dismayed, for ____________ (your name), your God is with you wherever you go.


When you do that, your whole perspective begins to change.

Quote of the Day

 “So Long, Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us.”

— Beth Moore