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devotional: day 19

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Every man faces temptation, and there is no sin in the temptation. Simply put, temptation is an invitation to disobey God. Sometimes the invitations are very attractive. They can also blind you and hide the destruction until after you have said “yes.” Satan knows what will tempt you most. He knows where to tempt you and when to tempt you. Temptations have many “knocks.” Paul teaches that every man is tempted. Jesus Himself was tempted like no other man, and He refused to open the door to sin.

In this verse, God is shown to do something with each temptation that comes your way—He will provide a way out, and “God is faithful” to always provide the way out before you say “yes.”.

“Beyond what you are able.” No temptation is never bigger than your God, nor is it bigger than what you are able to do with His power and help. He gives you the ability to say “no.”

“But with the temptation will provide the way of escape.” It means “a way out, an exit.” “Able” means “to have the resources available to you.” “Endure” means “to bear up under, sustaining power to keep going.” With every temptation, God hands you an Exit Sign designed personally by Him.

Daily Do It

Consider an Exit Sign. When do you most often see one? Usually over a door. When you see an Exit Sign, it is an announcement that in case of fire or an emergency, there is a way out, an escape. Right now, thank God that no matter what temptation comes your way, He WILL put an Exit Sign over it.

Today, when temptation comes, look for the exit God promises to provide. Ask Him to give you wisdom and discernment to see His way out. It is important to look for Exit Signs even before the temptation comes—plan your escape route.

Quote of the Day

“Temporary happiness is not worth long-term pain”

– Author Unknown