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devotional: day 14

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Have you ever experienced guilt and shame? Of course you have. Guilt is the feeling of dread and heaviness you experience when you have done something wrong. Shame, however, speaks more to who you are rather than what you have done. Shame makes you feel unworthy, inadequate and insecure. On the cross, Jesus Christ addressed guilt and shame. He did something so powerful that the ability of guilt and shame to destroy you was taken away—they were nailed to the cross.

In the beautiful chapter of Romans 8, Paul gave a reminder of all the benefits you possess the moment you come to Christ. Through confession and repentance, guilt and shame can be gone. Romans 8:1 is a declaration, a promise, that when a believer comes to Christ, his or her sin is forgiven and will never have to pay for. That’s what Jesus did—He paid the price for your sin!

The word “Therefore” is there for a reason. In chapter 7, Paul stated that a believer has victory because of the cross of Jesus Christ. So, based on that alone, and once you have received it, you have no condemnation. God does not hold you accountable for the sin that would send you to hell. Because of the cross, no sin too strong to say “no” to. Yet you will sin, and when you do, know that through Jesus, you can be forgiven. He declares you “Not guilty.” Satan, however, keeps saying “Guilty.” It is a matter of whom you are going to believe.

You cannot trust your feelings. They will lie to you and deceive you. You certainly cannot trust Satan—the Father of Lies. You must trust what God said, that when you are in Christ, you are no longer condemned. Notice “there is NOW no condemnation,” which means at this very moment, you are NOT condemned, nor will you ever be if you are “in Christ;” and you are in Christ when Christ is in you.

Daily Do It

What is in your life about which you feel guilty? What brings you shame? Was it something you have done or said? Was it the way you were raised, perhaps with a dad where your good enough was never good enough? Right now, bring your guilt and shame to the cross and surrender it to Jesus Christ. Commit that you will listen to what God says and not what your feelings, others or Satan say to you or about you. Thank God for His amazing grace!

Quote of the Day

 “What do you do with the person who says, ‘I’ve asked God to forgive me about this, but I still feel guilty’?  I hear that statement over and over again.  I usually say to these people, ‘If you still feel guilty, then pray to God again.  But this time don’t ask him to forgive you for the sin that is haunting you.  Rather, ask him to forgive you for insulting his integrity by refusing to accept his forgiveness.  Who are you to refuse to forgive yourself when God has forgiven you?  When God promises to forgive his people when they repent, he is not playing games. If he says he will forgive you, then he will forgive you.  And if God forgives you, you are forgiven.'”

— R.C. Sproul