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devotional: day 13

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The setting is the ultimate home for every child of God—heaven. The elders represent believers, you and me. The angels are also there. Every Christian is present in this scene. Jesus Himself is at center stage. All eyes are on Him. There is great celebration going on in heaven. The strong angel leads a chorus of praise that has seven stanzas. There are seven words in today’s verse that describe the praise and the worth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Notice these words:

1.  “Power”—Jesus has all power over life and death, circumstances and tragedies, Satan and demons.

2.  “Riches”—Jesus owns it all. He is the richest Person in history, past, present and future. The angel acknowledges His ownership of everything.

3.  “Wisdom”—Jesus can handle anything you’re having to handle. He knows what to do in every situation—yours included.

4.  “Might”—He has all strength in order to do anything at anytime and anywhere.

5.  “Honor”—Jesus has the utmost value, acclaim and esteem. He gets all the credit.

6.  “Glory”—He alone is worthy to receive all your approval all of the time.

7.  “Blessing”—means saying something good about someone. It’s where we get the word “eulogy.” “Blessing” also means “happiness.” The picture is every child of God with one voice blesses Jesus Christ and acknowledges that He alone is the source of our happiness.

There is no one like Jesus Christ. He is worthy of all your time and attention in focused praise for who He is and for what He has done. Throughout eternity, we will praise Him.

Daily Do It

Today, think about ways to express your praise and gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ. In Psalm 119:164. we are told, “Seven times a day I praise You, because of Your righteous ordinances.”

Set the alarm on your clock or phone for the following times:

1.  8:00 AM –Praise Jesus for His Power.

2.  10:00 AM—Praise Jesus for His Riches, His owning everything.

3.  Noon—Praise Him for His Wisdom, that He knows what to do in every situation

4.  2:00 PM—Praise Him for His Might, that He can create an answer to any problem.

5.  5:00 PM—Praise Him for His Honor, giving Him all the credit for everything good in your life and in the world.

6.  8:00 PM—Praise Him for His Glory, expressing your belief that He alone deserves our worship.

7.   10:00 PM—Praise Him for His Blessings, that He alone is the source of our happiness.

Quote of the Day

 “Of all the things Christ wants for us, loving Him and focusing our attention on Him are the most important.”

— Charles Stanley