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devotional: day 12

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In the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, the war between good and evil will play out in the end-time events. The good news is, God wins! Jesus wins! The setting is:  Satan has just been evicted from heaven. He no longer has access to heaven where he had been accusing believers of all our wrongdoing, and constantly telling Jesus how worthless they are. Now that Satan is out of the heavenly realm, his two main objectives are to accuse and deceive or lie to believers about God, sin, truth, salvation, temptation and reality.

This verse shows that Satan can be defeated. You can overcome him. The voice of the one who spoke these words gives the believers’ game plan for defending against Satan and his attacks; and by doing these things, victory is assured every single time. Notice the three weapons:

1.    “The Blood of the Lamb (Jesus)”

The blood of Jesus represents all Jesus did on the cross. It signifies victory, forgiveness, peace with God, and victory over Satan and death. Plead the blood of Jesus by confessing that what Jesus did on the cross was enough to defeat Satan and sin. It is an understanding that the blood of Jesus overcomes our guilt, fear, worry and insecurities. His blood reminds us how much God loves you even though Satan whispers in your ear that He doesn’t.

2.    “The word of their testimony”

This is confessing your salvation—the time and place when Jesus Christ came into your life. You overcome Satan because your salvation means he can never own you again, and he cannot take you to hell. You can overcome Satan because what Jesus has done in you is more powerful than what Satan can do outside you through circumstances.

3.    “They did not love their life even when faced with death.”

They were willing to die for Jesus Christ and to die for the Christian faith. When you love Jesus more than life itself, nothing can stop you; nothing can derail or detour you if your passionate commitment is to do the will of God and expand the Kingdom of God. Satan’s threats won’t work. He can threaten the worse possible scenario, but to you, those threats will be ineffective.

Using these three weapons assures you have power to overcome Satan’s attacks and temptations. 

Daily Do It

Today, take a moment and pray for the persecuted Church throughout the world. Every day brave men and women are paying the ultimate price to live their faith out loud. You may not have to die for your faith, but you will experience attacks on your faith when you take the words of Jesus Christ seriously. It has been estimated that one Christian dies for his or her faith every six minutes.

In addition to praying for persecuted Christians, renew your commitment to living your faith out loud regardless of the cost.

Quote of the Day

“Christ’s followers cannot expect better treatment in the world than their Master had”

— Matthew Henry