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devotional: day 10

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There are many things in life that are constantly changing. Virtually nothing stays the same. From the complex, such as technology; to the simple, such as the seasons, things are in a constant state of change.

Yet there is one unchangeable reality, and that is Jesus Christ. He had no beginning and will have no end, in fact He declares Himself to be the beginning and the end.

“Same” means “unchangeable.” Notice Jesus is unchangeable “yesterday,” “today” and “forever”—past, present and future.

He is the same “yesterday.” When you look back you will discover that Jesus never failed you. He may not have come through in the way you thought or even when you hoped, but He did come through. He has never been late.

He is the same “today,” which means in this moment, in your present situation, He is there; He is available to you. He is at work all around you in people and in circumstances.

Jesus will be the same “tomorrow.” You can count on Him. He will be there for you. You never have to worry that He will abandon or betray you—He will not. The great hymn says, “Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow.”  So, no matter what comes your way, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, will be there to comfort, encourage and empower you.

As great as some of the leaders of the past were, there is not one of who has died that you can call upon right now. You cannot seek their advice or counsel. However, Jesus is right here, right now. He is as close as your prayer.

The overall teaching of this amazing verse is God is in control of time—past, present and future. You can be absolutely certain that He is always on time. 

Daily Do It

Try this exercise:

What were you worried about one year ago   from today?
What person was causing you difficulty this time a year ago?
What financial issue were you facing this time a year ago?
What were you fearful of a year ago?

Did any of these people or situations destroy you? You are still here, you are still breathing, you are still serving God, you are still moving forward. The same God who got you through those difficult times is the same God Who will carry you through now and into the future and tomorrow and the next day and the next…

Quote of the Day

“Our ever-changing culture needs the never-changing Christ who alone can provide both the foundation and direction for Christian faith and practice as the church faces the challenges of a new era.”

— Dr. Daniel Akin