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devotional: day 4

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God had made a promise to His people, Israel, that He would bring them out of Babylonian exile, an exile that was the result of not obeying Him through their worship of idols. For 70 years they remained in Babylonian Captivity. They paid a high price for their disobedience. However, the day would come when God would restore the nation of Israel and lead them out of captivity.

Maybe you are facing your own captivity right now. That is, you find yourself in the middle of a mess or bad situation, whether it is a result of your own doing or it is no fault of you own.  While you are there, you may feel like God is nowhere to be found. That is exactly what this promise is about—finding God, even in the worst situations.

This promise from God contains amazing news—God Can Be Found!!! God wants you to find Him, to know Him and to experience Him. He desires to have a relationship with you. “Find” means “to encounter or discover.” God wants you to encounter, to experience Him. He wants you to discover His will—His plan, purpose and direction for your life. God is not playing hide and seek with you. The God Who created the universe wants you to know Him personally. He has even come to Earth in-person to demonstrate His passion to know you.

But there is a condition to encountering or experiencing God, and it is that you must seek and search for Him with all of your heart. How do you seek God Through reading His Word, obeying Him, praising Him, thanking Him, talking to Him, listening for His voice and looking for Him every minute of every day? This is a passionate pursuit of God Himself, with your mind, emotions and will. You aren’t seeking Him, so He can do something for you; you are seeking Him so you can know Him.

How badly do you want to experience God? What price are you willing to pay to encounter the Living Lord? Go hard after God. Chase God. Pursue God. You will find Him. He promises. Don’t give up, and don’t get discouraged. You may discover God in the most unlikely place or unlikely person. The discovery of God is often found in your pursuit of Him. You will discover His power, His peace, His joy, His blessing, His favor and His wisdom.

God never hides from those who seek Him with all their heart. When you find Him, you will find a God Who welcomes you, embraces you, receives you and is ready to bless you.

Daily Do It

Right now, tell God that you are willing to pay any price to experience Him. Think about what that means. It might mean giving up certain things that are distancing you from God. Commit that all day today, you will go hard after God. Look for God every place you go and in every person you encounter. You might be amazed where you find Him.

Quotes of the Day

 “Lord teach me to seek Your face and not just Your hand. I want to know Who You are and not just what You can do for me”


The most common mistake Christians make in worship today is seeking an experience rather than seeking God

–Rick Warren