Ways to Win Valentine's Day



Valentine’s Day is a special day where you can express your love toward your Valentine, your wife. We at Wingman Nation have a Top 10 List of things you can do to express your love for the lady in your life on February 14th.

We suggest the following considerations as Valentine’s Day approaches:

1. Write your wife a love letter

Make it at least one page telling her specifically what she means to you. Don’t hold back, if there was ever a time to express how you feel about her

2. Get your wife something really good for Valentine’s Day

Think, Ask and Pray! Think about what she would like. Ask the people close to her what you could get her. Pray about the right gift. Thou shalt not mess up on this one.

 Examples are: Jewelry, a massage, a manicure, a pedicure, a day at the spa, a purse, shoes, clothing, etc. Let the gift be such that your wife knows you spent time, effort and money thinking about pleasing her.

3. List 10 Things you LIKE about your wife:

I Like You For….

I Like You Because…

Write these down and give them to her.

4. Put Post It Notes in conspicuous places you know she will see with notes like:

“I Love You More”

“I Love You Most”

“I Love the way you….(you fill in the blank)”

“I am so in Love With You!”

“Excited about our Future Together!”

“I Trust You Most”

“I Adore You”

“I Cherish You”

“You are My Best Friend”

“Best Friends for Life”

“I Like You”

“I Want To Be With You”

“I am the most Fortunate Man in all the World”

“What can I do for you today?”

“I Love To Be With You”

5. Select a “Life Verse” for your marriage

If you have not found a life verse for your marriage, tell your wife that you want the two of you to find a Scripture that you wish to build your marriage upon. Take some time during diner to present her with a couple of verse options to get things kicked off.


6. Flowers with a twist

We all know that Roses are the February go to…. try and mix it up a little bit! Find a picture of your wedding day and see if a florist can recreate her bouquet or the bridesmaids flowers from that special day. Do you remember the first flowers you bought her… they may not be her favorite, but the fact you remembered may make you her favorite.

7. Give her A Book of Coupons

On the FTD website, they give examples of Love Coupons:

  • A relaxing back rub

  • Home cooked meal

  • Getting the car washed

  • Master of the remote control day

  • Breakfast in bed

  • A relaxing foot massage

  • Dinner at favorite restaurant

  • Outdoor adventure

  • An intimate slow dance

  • Day of compliments

  • Movie night out

  • Doing a load of laundry

  • A tech-free night

  • Day of doing dishes

  • Night of cuddling

  • A nap with no interruptions

  • Day at the beach

  • Day of no complaints

  • Day in Pajamas

  • Trying something completely new


8. Ask yourself these six questions:

  1. “Is there anything I have done or said to my wife that I need to apologize for?”

  2. “Is there anything I need to stop doing that would please my wife?”

  3. “Is there anything I need to start doing that would please my wife?”

  4. “What can I do that would make my wife even happier?”

  5. “Is there anything my wife would like to do?”

  6. “Is there any place my wife would like to go?”

9. Daddy daughter date!

If you have a daughter, do something special for her too. She will always be daddy’s little girl. Remember, how you treat your daughter NOW is what she looks for in the FUTURE! Open her doors, compliment her, encourage her, affirm her & show her what she needs to look for in a man!


10. A special date to remember

Think hard guys. Where has she always wanted to go, enlist the help of her best friends. Ask them someplace they think she would love but not mention to you! Even if you can’t get reservations for Valentine’s Day, set the date, make the reservations, and tell your wife. It may not be a restaurant, it may be re-creating your first date.

We trust you will have the greatest Valentine’s Day yet, as you keep these 10 ways to win in mind! Remember, we love because HE FIRST LOVED US (1 John 4:19). Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Wingman Nation. May God bless you and yours as you rejoice and rest in His great love together!


By: Pastor Jay Dennis