Porn on a Plate



Devour frozen foods paid upwards of $5 million for a 30 second advertisement during Super Bowl LIII. The entire commercial focused on a young couple and the man’s addiction to frozen food. By comparing the food with pornography, most every man understood the struggle being presented. The struggle with pornography is real for many men and increasingly for many women. The commercial did what pornographers have been attempting to do for years, and that is to normalize pornography as mainstream.

There are 8 lessons we learn about pornography from the commercial:

1. Pornography is an Issue

The young woman admits that pornography is an issue in their marriage. It’s the woman that feels betrayed by her husband because of pornography. Men, if this is a problem for your wife it is a problem for you and I assure you it is a problem for your wife. Pornography destroys marriages it never enhances marriage. Porn is an issue for every Christian home in some way.

2. Men and Women Both Attempt to Hide Pornography

Those who struggle with pornography most often attempt to keep it a secret. A secret has power over you until you shine the light on it through confession and repentance. I believe as many as 80% of men and 50% of women in churches struggle with pornography at some level. Many Christians are living in shame and guilt, but they are doing it silently which creates even more loneliness. The vicious cycle continues.

3. Pornography is Addictive

There is no debate in the commercial as the woman comes out and says that pornography is addictive. One look can hook you. Multiple brain scans have been used to prove the addictive nature of pornography. Like crack cocaine or Fentanyl, pornography is addictive.

4. Pornography Viewing Can Happen to Anyone

Someone you know, someone you love is struggling right now with pornography, even those you would never suspect. Any man or woman could become pornography’s next victim.  “So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall! (I Corinthians 10:12 NIV).

Even the godliest of men and women must guard against a moment of weakness and view pornography. You must guard every thought, every look.

5. Pornography is Hard to Resist

The woman in the commercial tells us that pornography is “hard to resist.” Satan has devised the perfect temptation guaranteed to release an instant dose of dopamine, the feel-good hormone that viewing a pornographic image can bring. However, he never tells about the bondage that follows. People literally get “hooked on a feeling.” Pornography is always waiting for an opportunity to get your attention. Pornography addiction may be among the most difficult addictions to break, but through Christ’s resurrection power, anyone can be set free!

6. Pornography Disrupts Marriages

As mentioned in the commercial, pornography disrupts a marriage because it disrupts trust, intimacy, feelings of closeness and joy. Pornography creates distance between you and your marriage partner. Study after study concludes that viewing pornography is a major disruptor of marriage and is a great predictor of the end of many marriages. One survey indicated that when pornography is introduced into a marriage, the chances of marital unfaithfulness increases by 300%.

7. Pornography Doesn’t “Spice Things Up.”

Pornography only makes things much worse. It exacerbates the problem, it doesn’t address problems in a marriage. Any suggestion that a couple watching pornography together spices up a marriage is based on a lie. Don’t invite Satan into your marriage by bringing pornography into it. There are many ways to spice up a marriage, but pornography is certainly not one of them.

8. Pornography is Self-Centered

Sexual fulfillment in marriage is about giving, pornography is about getting. The young woman in the commercial refers to her boyfriend as a “3-minute-man.” In other words, the only satisfaction is physically and it’s mostly just for him. Pornography viewing is self-centered. God’s design for sex is for marriage only and involves spirit, soul and body, not just body. That’s one reason pornography leaves a person empty and unfulfilled.

God’s amazing design for sex is exclusive to marriage, something the pornographers could care less about. Multiple surveys have indicated that the very best sex happens between men and women who have made a covenant to God and each other. Pornography is the surest way to bring betrayal and hurt into your marriage. Following God’s way, which never includes pornography, gives you the capacity for an incredible marriage and sex life.    


By: Pastor Jay Dennis