The Man Project // tools to make you more like HIM & less like you

The Man Project // 10 Simple tools to make you more like Him & less like you

The Man Project // 10 Simple tools to make you more like Him & less like you

A godly man is a man who has a relationship with God through Jesus Christ as has as his primary goal in life to become more like Jesus Christ and less like the man he was before he met Jesus. A godly man is: Christ-centered; Bible-saturated; Truth-standing; Grace-driven; Love-expressing; and Purpose-finding. With that definition in mind, are you a godly man? What if your wife was asked that question? What if your children were asked? What if your grandchildren were asked? What if your co-workers were asked? What if your neighbors were asked? How would they respond?

 In I Kings 9:4, the Lord appeared to Solomon, David’s son and said some powerful things about his father. “Be like your father, Solomon.” Would that be good advice about you to your children?” Let’s dissect some of the words from these Scriptures and notice the following words or phrases:

 “Walk” (I Kings 9:4) means to move, carry or lead. Walking implies purpose, direction, progress, and effort. It is not easy to be a godly man, it requires continual work and updating. “Integrity of heart” (I Kings 9:4). This speaks of moral character, honesty, and passionately ethical. It reminds me of something missionary Jim Elliott said: “Let me not be a milepost on a single road; make me a fork, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.” “Uprightness” (I Kings 9:4) means being right with God and doing what is right. “Doing” (I Kings 9:4) means consistent obedience.

 Then in Acts 13:22 notice the phrase “A man after My heart.” David’s great desire was to do the will of God at all times. This was the passion of his life. “Who will do my will” emphasizes “Do” and “All.” David’s heart was to act on every word of God. Did he always succeed? Obviously not, but he stood on ready to obey God.

 In Acts 13:36 we see two phrases. “Served the purpose of God,” means David’s doing what God wanted him to do. “In his own generation.” He impacted his generation and future generations. Not only are you to strive to influence people now, but live in a certain way that will impact future generations.

 If your walk with God is not what it needs to be, it is usually indicated by one or two reasons, unwillingness or unknowingness. Unwilling means not willing to pay the price, not willing to take the time and make the effort, not willing to practice the disciplines necessary to learn. Unknowing means not aware of how to practically, daily walk with God. Only God can help you with the unwilling part. Humble yourself before God and tell Him, “God make me willing.” Open that door to God. On the second issue, unknowingness, I want to give you 10 characteristics of David’s life followed by an action statement for you:

 1.       David was a great Repenter—Be a great repenter. The moment you sin, no matter what you are doing, stop, confess it, repent, turn from it, and cast yourself on the mercy of a forgiving God.

Psalm 32 and 51 are examples of how David was a great repenter. The moment a sinful thought, word, action or attitude happens, immediately confess it, turn from it, seek God’s forgiveness, and vow to never do that again. There is no sin you have committed that cannot be forgiven if you are a believer.

 2.       David was a great Worshipper—Learn how to worship using the personality God gave you. Ask God to show you how to worship, but you must someway, somehow express to God that you love Him and recognize His worth.

 Worship is not an exercise about God; it is an event and experience with God where you express your awareness of His character and holiness. Public and private worship acknowledges that we have not fallen for the lie that we can be our own god (Psalm 42:1-2).

 3.       David was a great Pray-er—Make learning to pray a daily pursuit, a continual communication with God.

 The Psalms are filled with David’s praying and crying out to God. Use his prayers as your own and pray Scripture back to God (Psalm 18:6: 57:2)

  4.       David was a great Lover of God’s Word—Open the Bible everyday, and do four things with a passage: Read it. Reflect on it. Pray it back to God and praise Him through it. Then Listen for the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

 If you are serious about godliness, you absolutely must take the time to daily open God’s Word (Psalm 1:1-2; 19:7)

  5.       David had great Faith—Start Believing God for things you could not possibly pull of in your own strength

 To be a godly man you must have a strong faith that God is Who He says He is and God will do what He says He will do (Psalm 71:5; 9:10; 37:3,5).


6.       David had Great Gratefulness—Stop and be grateful for what God has done for you—Stop Whining!!!

 Show and tell God daily how thankful you are for all He has done and is doing in your life and that He has given you a future hope (Psalm 100:4).


7.       David had Great Courage—Acknowledge your Fears, but stand anyway for God and good, and speak-up and speak out for what and who is right.

 Face your fears, but choose to do God’s will in spite of your fears (Psalm 56:3).


 8.       David had a Great Love for God’s House—Make going to Church a weekly habit, making it a Sacred responsibility.

Men, find a Bible-centered church, join it, and be a regular attender. Watching online is an option if you can’t physically make it to church, but being in God’s House should be the rule, not the exception (Psalm 122:1).


9.       David had a Great Friendship—You need at least one Jonathan in your life. Make this a priority.

  David had a best friend, a loyal friend, a confidant, someone he could trust with anything. That person was Jonathan. Who is it in your life? If you don’t have a Jonathan, begin praying for one today and pursue that passionately (I Samuel 18:1).


 10.  David had Great Transparency—Stop pretending everything is fine, when things are not fine. Just be Honest with people in good times, happy times, bad times and sad times.

 David was real. Get real about what is going on in your life and when things are not good, don’t “fake-it-til-you-make-it.” Be real about who and what you are with other godly men (II Samuel 12:13).


The Man Project for this message is two-fold: one, review daily for the next 7 days the godly characteristics of David and seek to emulate them; and two, make a commitment beginning now, to have a daily time of Scripture reading and Prayer with your family. The Man Project begins in your heart and then moves into your home.