Abortion = Bullying Babies


The Bully Governor of New York And His Crusade Against the Almost-Born

 “You, sir, are a bully! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

Those were my thoughts as I listened to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s explaining New York’s new barbaric Reproductive Health Act” which allows a woman to have an abortion up until the very moment of birth. His speech announcing the law, sounded like a school-yard bully who takes pride in his threats toward the almost born reminding them that “You’re not safe here, but rest assured it’s legal.” This law sanctions a third-trimester, pre-meditated killing of almost-born boys and girls in the womb. Mr. Cuomo and his sycophants have declared war on the womb. The State of Virginia is now following suit and no doubt other blue states will line up to follow this horrific example. Democratic candidates for president in 2020 seem to be in a competition to determine who can “out abortion” the other. People in both political parties and those who are independent must demonstrate their outrage. We cannot stop until we have changed laws that target the unborn for death.

Governor Cuomo, being Catholic, suggested in a radio speech, that he had to separate his religious views from his work as governor. However, Christianity does not give its followers the luxury of compartmentalizing faith. The teachings of Jesus are intended to permeate every decision we make. Christianity has always been the great promoter and protector of life. Can you imagine Jesus sitting by and saying nothing while threats are being made against the almost born? The truth is one simply cannot support Jesus and support this law too. There is no middle ground, you either choose life or choose evil. Choosing life involves passionately supporting life causes and voting for pro-life-only candidates. Your voice can make a difference in this issue.  

In Governor Cuomo’s speech he sounded like a zealous evangelist for the abortion industry. He speaks of this issue with such passion and conviction, it’s like a man on a mission declaring the “gospel of abortion rights”. With fervor he raises his voice underscoring his belief that this law is revolutionary and progressive, but in reality, it is reminiscent of child sacrifices to the god Molech in the Old Testament. The place where these sacrifices took place came to be referred to as hell. The governor calls for a celebration through the New York City skyline as it lights up in pink. We are asked to join the celebration, the new opportunity to put to death a boy or girl up until the point of birth for any reason. Keep in mind those who would declare war on the almost born will in time declare war on those near death. Jesus is the Author of life and Christianity is a life-giving faith.

This is no time for followers of Jesus to remain silent. A biblical worldview means embracing 6 truths when it comes to the issue of life and abortion:

  1. Life begins at conception.

  2. Christians value life by promoting and protecting life from the womb to the grave

  3. Abortion Is Sin!

  4. Abortion Is taking a life, it is murder.

  5. What God said in His Word is a Christian’s authority, not the platform of a political party

  6. Only Jesus can bring forgiveness and healing if you have had an abortion 

There are millions of women who have had an abortion. You may be one. There is hope as you confess it to God and seek His healing. You know the emotional and spiritual pain of having gone through an abortion. God delights in demonstrating His grace and you could be a trophy of that grace speaking up for life and speaking out about this atrocity.

Governor Cuomo is approximately 6 feet tall and weighs around 200 pounds. The average baby in America weighs 7 pounds and 5 ounces and is around 20 inches long. He’s hardly picking on someone his own size. Jesus, however teaches that when someone harms children, you are doing it to Jesus Himself. Mr. Cuomo and other pro-late-term-abortion bullies, I wouldn’t want to be you.